Welcome, Principal Tranfa!

The New Principal at Quander Road!

By Terry Dade, Assistant Superintendent, Region 3
March 25, 2019

Dear Quander Road School Staff, Parents and Community:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Frank Tranfa has been appointed as principal of Quander Road School, April 1, 2019.  Mr. Tranfa is currently the principal of Burke Middle School and brings a wealth of experience with him to Quander Road.  Prior to his principalship at Burke Middle School, Mr. Tranfa served as an assistant principal and as a department chair at Chantilly High School.  He also served as an assistant director of student activities and as a teacher at Centreville High School.

Mr. Tranfa earned a Master of Arts in Education from George Mason University and has his Virginia Professional License in PreK-12 School Administration and Supervision, Emotional Disturbance and Specific Learning Disabilities.

He brings a passion for collaborating with students, families, and staff to provide special education students with a high-quality education.  Please join me in welcoming Mr. Tranfa as the principal of Quander Road School!

Please join me in welcoming Frank Tranfa as the new principal of Quander Road School.


Terry Dade Assistant Superintendent, Region 3