Quander Road School courses, like all other County high school courses, follow the FCPS Program of Studies which are based upon the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL). SOL pass rates for Quander Road students tend to be in line with and in many cases exceed pass rates of students from other high schools.

We offer a full range of core content courses and electives as our students work toward a standard, modified or special diploma. Students also have the option to take any core content or elective course at their base school. The student's base school awards the high school diploma.

Academic Program Highlights 

  • All of our classes are small groups (4-12 students per class)
  • The majority of our classes are taught by teachers certified in special education
  • Many of our classes have both a teacher and an instructional assistant
  • Each student has an Independent Education Plan (IEP) developed from student, parent/guardian, teacher, psychologist and social worker input
  • Quander has two full-time psychologists and social workers
  • Our students who are reading two grade levels below are expected to take an elective called Developing Literacies

Courses at Quander Road

Electives at Quander Road

Electives at FCPS Academy Locations

In addition to the full range of electives Quander Road offers, our students are able to take academy elective courses at West Potomac, Edison, or the other academies.

West Potomac Academy

Offers specialized health sciences, communication & the arts, and human services courses.

Edison Academy

Offers international studies, business, and engineering or scientific technology courses.

Advanced Placement Course

Quander Road currently has one Advanced Placement offering, Environmental Science, designed to be the equivalent of a one-semester introductory college course.

Some of the course topics include:

  • ecology;
  • population demographics;
  • energy/natural resources;
  • land use/deforestation and;
  • pollution/sustainable development. 

For more information on the course or the end-of-year Advanced Placement Exam, please contact School Counselor Greta Nichols-Thomas or Science Department Lead Brooke LaPorta.

AP Testing Schedule


FCPSOn Graphic

FCPSOn is a transformation of learning for students and educators. At its core, it provides students with equitable access to meaningful learning experiences and technology to support their learning.

In FCPSOn schools, each student receives an FCPS-issued laptop to access dynamic resources and participate in learning tailored to the student’s individual needs. Students will have access to the device at school, and in some schools and grade levels, they will also be able to take their device home.

FCPSOn's transformation of learning leads to Portrait of a Graduate outcomes for ALL students. Portrait of a Graduate skills include collaborating with peers, problem-solving, and creating original work. Also, today's students are tomorrow's workforce. FCPSOn provides them with real-world technology skills that will be essential as adults.

Grading and Reporting

FCPS is committed to consistent grading regulation and practices where grades are an accurate reflection of student learning.

Graduation Requirements

Requirements for graduation differ depending on the year the student entered high school for the first time.