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The mission of Quander Road School is to provide a small, structured and nurturing environment that supports the academic, social-emotional, vocational and behavioral growth of every student.

About Quander Road School

Quander Road is one of two public high schools in FCPS offering a learning environment to better accommodate students with emotional, behavioral or social challenges.

Quander serves students in the eastern part of the school district, while the Cedar Lane Center school in Vienna offers a similar program for students in the western part of the county.

Admission is on a rolling basis. With approximately 100 students in the school at any one time, students may transition back to their base high schools as needed, not necessarily staying at Quander Road from ninth grade until graduation. Sometimes students will take elective classes or special Academy classes at base schools as a way of transitioning back at various speeds. 

Similar and Different from Neighborhood Schools

Similar to a neighborhood high school, Quander Road School follows the FCPS Program of Studies based on the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) for all classes, and the SOL scores for Quander Road students tend to be in line with students from other high schools. 

Quander Road students can still participate in athletics and activities at their neighborhood school after the school day ends. Quander Road students can also participate onsite in basketball, soccer, weight lifting, cheerleading/dance, environmental projects, community service and bi-monthly after-school activities, which include a variety of student driven choices.

Quander Road offers classes for standard,  modified and special diplomas, but the students will receive the high school diplomas from their base schools.

A few of the features that make Quander Road different from a neighborhood high school include:

  • All of our classes are small groups (4-12 students per class).
  • All of our staff knows all of the students by name.
  • All of our classes are taught by teachers certified in special education.
  • Many of our classes have both a teacher and an instructional assistant.
  • We have full time clinical staff which includes two social workers and two psychologists.
  • Each student in the school has an Independent Education Plan (IEP).
  • Most students participate in an elective called Personal Development where students work on social and emotional skills, as well as specific course intervention and enrichment.

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