School History

The Quander Family

The Quander Family is one of the oldest and consistently documented African-American family names in the United States of America, dating its roots back to more than 330 years into the history books. Watch the video below to find out why our school came to be named after the Quander family.

Quander Descendants Talk History

Rohulamin Quander, a 74-year-old attorney and a descendant of slaves whose land occupied 88 acres where the present day Quander Road School is located, gave a talk to our students in 2018. The Connection newspaper covered the event.

Michael Quander, a WUSA-Channel 9 reporter, tells his family history in a video called Finding Quander: The journey of one of American's oldest documented black families.

The Quander Family Connection to George Washington

For more information about Nancy Carter Quander, enslaved at Mount Vernon and later freed following a provision in George Washington’s will, is available from The National Library for the Study of George Washington.