Counseling and Clinical Services

Meet our school counselor, employment & transition representative, psychologists, and social workers

Counselors and clinicians advocate on behalf of all students for safety, dignity and equitable access to vocational and educational opportunities as they transition from school to work and post secondary opportunities. We encourage you to reach out to anyone on our team with your questions or concerns.

School Counseling Services

School Counseling Services provides a comprehensive, developmental and proactive program that uses data driven decisions, an engaging curriculum and innovative teaching strategies to support and maximize our students' academic success.  Students also receive support with college/career readiness skills and social development via lessons, small group sessions and individual conferences.

Career & Transition Services provide support in the transition from school to work through transition planning and career development.  Guidance and instruction may include:

  •         Transition support

  •         Exploration and assessment of career opportunities

  •         Exploration of postsecondary education and training opportunities

  •         Assistance in locating/obtaining employment

  •         Coordination with adult service providers, as appropriate

    Counseling Services

    Clinical Support Services

    Our two two full-time psychologists and two full-time social workers support the educational program by providing direct clinical support to students which includes:

    • individual counseling, as outlines on the Individualized Education Program (IEP),
    • group processing and,
    • evaluation of students' skills, abilities and social emotional functioning.

    Our clinicians also support staff in conducting functional behavior assessments and in writing and implementing behavior intervention plans. They support the school-wide efforts to facilitate student progress as well as collaborate with staff, students and parents to work toward educational success.

    Our clinicians are linked with community agencies and private providers to coordinate services to students, assist students and families who may be in crisis, and participate in the re-evaluation and eligibility process. As often as possible, that clinician attends the placement IEP when our school is considered as a learning environment at the IEP table.

    Please feel free to contact your student's clinician to gain services or to discuss issues that either arise or that are ongoing. 


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