KiKi's Kitchen Thanksgiving Luncheon

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November 22, 2019

The Blossoming Beauties group encompasses all Portrait of a Graduate attributes to assist our students in growing and maturing into responsible members of the community.  Through community outreach and individual reflection, the group provides experiences for students to apply learned skills to real-life situations.

Communication - The group communicates with outside parties to help organize charitable donations and activities.  They communicate with each other by listening and sharing their ideas, and researching community service options.

Collaborator - The group works together, listening to everyone’s ideas, and supporting each other in a shared mission.

Ethical and Global Citizen - The group chooses charities and community outreach activities that work to directly enhance the community in which they live.

Creative and Critical Thinker - The group is constantly brainstorming of ways they can contribute to their community.  

Goal Directed and Resilient Individual - Through community outreach, students reflect on strengths and weaknesses as a group and as individuals.