Family Engagement Survey Results

The Fairfax County School Board has released the results of Quander Road School's 2018-19 Family Engagement Survey, which solicited parent opinions and feedback on a variety of topics that impact student achievement. Family members took the survey to provide the family perspective, or “voice,” which is critical when partnering to inform and improve practices related to educating every student and meeting their needs. 

The survey was designed using best practice principles in the field of family engagement to reveal parent opinions on the following topics: Welcoming Environment, Communication, Student Success, Advocacy, Family and School Partnerships, and Collaboration with the Community.   It was distributed to parents in English and eight additional languages, and serves as baseline data to help FCPS & Quander Road School better recognize, understand, respect, and address family strengths and needs in the school community. Results will be used to develop a plan to improve family and school partnerships throughout the division moving forward. Survey results will be shared with school communities, and the survey will be repeated regularly to improve communications, involvement, and engagement of Quander Road School families.